American Man

Playing provocatively with race, gender and identity, American Man imagines a not-too-distant-future where celebrity power has reached new heights and political correctness has been abandoned. A future where Barack Obama’s post-Presidential role is CEO of Apple, and Stephen Hawking is voicing Disney characters. Combining seamless vocal and physical impersonations with his characteristic wit and humour, Hetain Patel presents a dystopian outlook on a world where personal freedom walks hand in hand with guilt.

‘Poignant and Potent’ THE GUARDIAN
‘Bleakly funny…. Original’ THE OBSERVER
‘Cleverly Engaging’ EVENING STANDARD

Performance and writing: Hetain Patel
Co-writer: Alan Morrissey
Dramaturgy: Michael Pinchbeck, Eva Martinez
Choreographic Associate: Lorena Randi
Light design: Jackie Schemesh
Sound design: Alberto Ruiz Soler
Costume: Holly Waddington
Sign Language consultant: Louise Stern
ASL Interpreter: Helsa Borinstein
Production manager: Austin Lawler
Producer/Manager: Gwen Van Spijk