Begin to begin: a piece about dead ends

Begin to Begin: a piece about dead ends sets in motion a rhyme about dying, playing with the idea of mortality to make it profound, yet unfrightening.

Michael is a celebration of all that we once had, and his funeral must be joyous, singular and repeated for each of us.

Having Michael Finnegan’s popular song as a starting point; performers, choreographer and myself collaborated together in the studio to create a sound score that would serve as music, narrator and soundscape for the dance piece. The creation became a sonic web made with the voices of the performers, which provides them with space and meaning for their images and actions.

‘Best of 2011.’ Lindsey Winship, TimeOut

‘Meticulously crafted, beautifully performed.’ Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

‘A powerful and thought provoking work.’ Graham Watts,

Choreographer: Eva Recacha
Sound: Alberto Ruiz Soler
Lighting Desgin: Gareth Green
Costumes: Eleanor Sikorski
Performers: Juan Corres Beniro, Lola Maury, Eleanor Sikorski

Finalist of The Place Prize 2011