Straightforward, ironic and bold CITY is a political pamphlet entwined with movement. Through the language of theatre and dance, CITY deals with social discrimination, prejudice, power, fear and faith in the bustling urban sprawl.

CITY’s sonic world is a combination music, soundscapes and machine. Settled in the theatre space the soundscapes melt into musical shapes transforming the space we see to the most refined level of theatricality.

‘It’s been long since I last saw dancers on stage with such freed, tittering wit.’ Csaba Králl

Created and Performed by: Dányi Voktória, Csaba MolnarSebestyén Tímea, Igor Urzelai & Moreno Solinas
Music: Alberto Ruiz Soler
Lighting Design: Dézsi Kata
Set & Costume Design: David J Harris
Production and Tour Manager: Rácz Anikó
With thanks to: The musicians of Aurtzaka Dantza, Pablo Barrio, Lina Lapelyte, Jacob Hobbs, Anna Paola Della Chiesa, Tonito Solinas, Maria Luisa Perazzona, Alessandro e Caterina Pinna, dialeLa, Éva Magyarosi, Talló Gergely, Téri Gáspár, Nagy Csilla & Nej Zsóka

Rudolf Laban Award for best Hungarian dance production 2010

Prix Jardin D’Europe 2010 

Aerowaves 2010 priority company