Easy Rider

We started exploring ideas of faith, tradition and delusion. Looking at how humans engage with superstitious beliefs and practices in the pursuit of happiness. And creating a concoction of religion, customs and self-help manuals.
The work became a theatrical rite, an unraveling of the pure essence of our need to belong. A personal approach to beliefs and passions in a raw and haunting way.

Its simple stage properties are combined with carefully composed sound and lighting…’ John O’Dwyer

Concept and Choreography: Eva Recacha
Sound Art: Alberto Ruiz Soler
Text: Eleanor Sikorski
Lighting: Jackie Shemesh
Design: Kasper Hansen
Performers: Antonio de la Fe, Lola Maury, Alberto Ruiz Soler, Eleanor Sikorski
Production Manager: Marco Cifre
Costume Supervisor: Sophie Bellin Hansen