You are invited to witness a dancer meander, swirl and wobble through a never-ending flow of representations, to be lead on a meditative ride where images emerge, fuse and disappear relentlessly. As an audience member you are also invited to experience your own experience as spectator.

Lola Maury, who I collaborated with since 2005, asked me to take part in a very special experiment: one performer and a limited audience wearing earplugs to maximize the internal sounds and isolate them from the rest. I was asked to guide the audience towards themselves, as well as towards the work, creating a soundscape that would be filtered through the earplugs. Indeed, a very special work.

‘Trapped underwater in a thunderstorm. Heavyheaded. 4 am Sunday morning. Hypnotic’. Audience reaction 

Choreography: Lola Maury
Dancer: Laureline Richard
Sound: Alberto Ruiz Soler
Lighting: Alberto Ruiz Soler and Lola Maury
Costume: Clare McGarrigle
Advisor in Dervish dance Practice: Jorge Crecis
Producer: Helen Goodman