Kitty 2012

Kitty 2012 could be the brand of a cosmetic article or a name of a magazine for teenagers, a household appliance or even a title of a porn movie. In this case Kitty 2012 is a dance performance. 

The events of Kitty 2012 appear in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere created by its music, but are searching for their place and meaning. Thousands of meanings and solutions surface, but there’s nothing to understand about Kitty 2012.

I created 4.540.000.000 Km, the sound composition, during 2009 as a personal exploration. I wanted to listen to a soundscape that develops slowly through time and represents a post apocalyptic world. My aim was to transfer this feeling through sound, guiding the audience to what is left in this new space we inhabit. A couple of years later Csaba Molnar listened to this work and decided to use it as part of Kitty 2012.

‘I found that the piece became stronger and stronger,The schizophrenic parts all held together darkly and with intensity by Ruiz Soler’s soundtrack, keeping the dream-sense alive.’ Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome

Choreographers: Csaba Molnar & Marco Torrice
Creative partners and interpreters: Garai Julia, Csaba Molnar, Marco Torrice, Imre Vass 
Sound Composer: Alberto Ruiz Soler
Light: Kata Dezsi
Costumes: Cabas Molinari

Aerowaves 2013 priority company