The End is Near

Playfully moving between ideas of self and other, character and performer, human and superhuman, real and fantasy, language and non-language, understanding and non-understanding, The End Is Near unmasks the many guises of the modern day hero in a new show from BLOOM! that is equal parts profound and trashy.

New. Better. Tastier.

Using only organically sourced ingredients.

May contain traces of nuts.

The End is Near by BLOOM! was a chance to create the soundtrack for a new SuperHero, something grand, serious, comic and trashy at the same time. Travelling from plastic orchestral sounds trough hard rock to arrive into pretty distorted noises, The End is Near music comments on the stereotype music of action films and our expectations on what a SuperHero music should sound like. This project was a unique chance to step aside my comfort zone and explore a totally new genre where I was able to play around those ideas and bring them to new dimensions.

‘BLOOM!’s piece is a witty game, its images – without any sloppy pathos – can talk about deep human contents.’ Tamás Halász

‘A clean, pleasingly unpredictable take on the modern day super hero, which was by turns funny and astute.’ Londonist

Created and Performed by: Dányi Voktória, Csaba Molnar, Igor Urzelai, Moreno Solinas, Tamara Szofia Vadas
Music: Alberto Ruiz Soler
Lighting Design: Seth Rook Williams
Costume Consultant: Kate Forbes
Costume Making: Gabriella Szerencsés
Production and Tour Manager: Rácz Anikó
With thanks to: Pablo Barrio Fernández, Shay Hamias & everyone who helped us on the way