Trio evokes a sonic ghost from the room where Felix Mendelssohn performed his Piano Trio #1 in D Minor for the first time. 165 years after that day, the sound, still present, is mutating itself repeatedly. All that is left is to listen.

Trio is a generative work of sound that comes from the need to explore how people categorize sounds and consequently relate with them. Trio camouflages itself under Piano Trio #1 in D Minor, acknowledging that most people would consider this work as music, therefor it would instinctively be listened in a very particular way. Trio then takes the skin and look of music to invite the audience to attentively sit down and listen.

Cello & Music adviserGeorge Cooke
Violin: Henry Chandler
Piano: Stephanie Onggowinoto

Presented as part of RCA Final show 2015.