Two to tune

Two to tune is a sweaty game celebrating instinct.

Both in dual & duel, two partners battle an emotional game charged with tension.

Sound score created in collaboration with Igor Urzelai, Eleanor Sikorsky and Moreno Solinas.

‘Matteo and I spoke with admiration and enthusiasm about how smart the work was, the excellent sound work, the innovative forms of tension and stress. I loved the beginning where it seemed to me the two dancers were singing an endless national anthem without making sounds. For me it was as if the entire piece happened on top of an electrical cable, the feeling of being zapped and held in rigour by the 24/7 world we inhabit.’ P.A Skantze

Choreography: Lola Maury
Dancer: Laureline Richard and James Morgan
Sound: Alberto Ruiz Soler
‘Presence in Performance’ Training: Jorge Crecis
Lighting: Alberto Ruiz Soler and Lola Maury
Costume: Clare McGarrigle
Producer: Helen Goodman