The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well is a space inhabited with dreams. For the person who enters it, it can be full of possibilities or full of rejection. In it, one can devise a thousand strategies to be heard, but in the end, one can only hope.

The Wishing Well sound is a continuation what we started exploring with Eva during our previous work, Begin to Begin: a piece about dead ends. We were inspired by how in written stories different voices coexist to present different angles of that world to the reader. In a similar manner, we started playing with voice-over. This single female voice takes on all the possible roles existing in this magic tale to narrate, describe, experience, recall and live her story.

‘Full of observations and insights into the nature of hope’. Writing About Dance

‘I can’t wait to see it again in the finals.’ Erin Johnson, One Stop Arts

Choreography and text: Eva Recacha
Sound Composer: Alberto Ruiz Soler
Performer: Martha Passakopoulou
Lighting Designer/Technical Manager: Gareth Green
Assistant to the choreographer: Lola Maury

Finalist of The Place Prize 2013