With motherhood as a point of departure, Aftermath explores the sense that ‘something is over’ and questions what comes next.
During the making of the showRecacha carried out an outreach programme for mothers and their small children, immersing herself again in that period of early childcare and its impact on the mother’s sense of identity and agency.

Inspired by Recacha’s own experience of motherhood and the social isolation that can accompany it, Aftermath questions what it means to live in a ‘post-everything’ world – post- feminist, post-truth and now post-time. The show imagines a world where the characters are dead, where change is no longer an option and no future awaits. Is motivation possible in such a world?

The audience is seated within the performers’ arena. They are part of the dancers’ journey and yet they are not directly involved. Aftermath comments on our reluctance to act in the face of certain situations, and on the normality of this passivity.

“giddy, ridiculous and amusing two-hander”
“Eleanor Sikorski and Charlotte Maclean weave patterns of wit and absurdity in Eva Recacha’s quietly radical show”
“The pair heat up to a giddy, edge-of-madness energy reminiscent of early French and Saunders.”
– The Guardian

“It’s perfect casting with Sikorski as the acerbic, calculating wit and Mclean as the mercurial creative force; their two trajectories start on a fragile thread and fuse together to the point of familiarity and mutual admiration.”
“With its cross between The Private Life Of and Monty Python, Aftermath is as much an exploration of ennui as a picture of the divergent elements of artistic endeavour.”

Writing About Dance

Coreography: Eva Recacha in collaboration with Charlotte Mclean and Eleanor Sikorski.
Sound design: Alberto Ruiz Soler
Lighting Design: Jackie Shemesh
Set and Costume design: KASPERSHOPHIE
Performance: Charlotte Mclean and Eleanor Sikorski
Co-writers: Charlotte Mclean, Eleanor Sikorski, Eva Recacha
Dramaturg: Simon Ellis
Production Manager: Emma Wenlock-Bolt
Producer: Johnny O’Reilly

The passion of Andrea 2

The Passion of Andrea 2 is like trying to hold soap when it’s wet. It is the solution that constantly escapes us. It is magic trick, deadly game, dance performance, farce, debate, musical, sci-fi monologue, all in one. Masquerading as a sequel to an earlier, non-existent version of itself, The Passion of Andrea 2 is a mischievous con artist of a dance piece about feelings of uneasiness, the inability to fully understand, and the painful desire for more.


Concept and direction: Simone Mousset

Performers: A de la Fe, Lewys Holt, Bryn Thomas, feat. Alberto Ruiz Soler/Louis Chevalier/Nicolas Mousset

Original cast: Luke Divall, Lewys Holt, Mathis Kleinschnittger, feat. Alberto Ruiz Soler

Performers for R&D: Amelia Emma Forrest, Nangaline Gomis, Raisa Kröger, Michele Meloni, Andrea Rama, Raoul Riva, Elisabeth Schilling, Davide Sportelli.

Sound Designer: Alberto Ruiz Soler

Lighting Designers: Alberto Ruiz Soler and Seth Rook Williams

Costume and Set Designer: Lydia Sonderegger

Dramaturgs: Thomas Schaupp, Nikki Tomlinson

Outside eyes: Francesco Mormino (theatre), Barbara Pierlot (songs)

Touring production manager: Bryony Byrne

Producer: Vasanthi Argouin

Administrator: Cathy Modert

Support: Bureau Les Indépendances (Paris)

Attachée de presse: Murielle Richard

Thanks to: Koen Augustijnen, Orrow Amy Bell, and Renelde Pierlot


Production: Simone Mousset Projects

Coproduction: KLAP Maison pour la danse (FR) ∙ Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg (LU) ∙ CAPE – Centre des Arts Pluriels Ettelbruck (LU) ∙ Escher Theater, for Festival d’Avignon 2021 (LU)

Support: TROIS C-L – Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois (LU) ∙ Fondation Cléo Thiberge Edrom sous l’égide de la Fondation de France (FR) ∙ Choreodrome – The Place (GB) ∙ Fondation Indépendance – Banque Internationale (LU) ∙ Fondation ETE (LU) ∙ Maison du Portugal – André de Gouveia (FR) ∙ Dance City (GB) ∙ Monodrama Festival (LU)

Avec le soutien de Kultur | lx – Arts Council Luxembourg (LU)